About Us

Our Story

Round One Capital was formed in 2021 to specifically focus on firms who have received formation funding, but aren’t quite ready for venture or private equity funding.

We will be glad to share tips, advice and even contacts in some cases. Most of all, we plan on sharing the actual scorecard we use for a portion of the judging we use for decision criteria. This can be a useful guide in shoring up their pitch and chances of overall success.

Jay Love


Gary Rush


Scott Brenton


Todd Katz


John Wechsler


Jeffrey Wawok


Serious Credentials

The five partners have significant operational experience, as well as expertise in key areas including technology, finance, sales, marketing, operations, product, security, and board formation and operation. This isn’t our first rodeo.

Jay Love, former co-founder and CEO of eTapestry and Bloomerang (acquired in 2007 and 2020 respectively)

Gary Rush, former CTO of ExactTarget (acquired in 2013) and Angie’s List

Todd Katz, former CEO of Bell-Horn (acquired in 2011)

Scott Brenton, Former COO of Angie’s List, and President & Chairman of the Orr Fellowship

John Wechsler, Founder and CEO at Launch Fishers and The Indiana IoT Lab, formerly a Partner at DeveloperTown and President at Formstack

Jeff Wawok, Chief Financial Officer at Alacrity Solutions